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How to import a CSV inventory file
How to import a CSV inventory file:

It's simple to import a CSV file on Twizla. Your CSV file only need to follow 3 rules:

1. The inventory file must have its fields separated by a comma (,).

2. Every item row should follow the format (see example at bottom):

Title, Category_ID, CatchPhrase, Description, Buy Now Price, Starting Bid Price, Postage, Condition, Quantity, ImageURL, ImageURL2,...

3. You must include the required fields from the table below, leave out the optional field by starting the next comma (,,):

Field Name Data Expected Occurrence Example Data
ItemTitle The title / name of your item (up to 50 characters) Required Cute Piggie Toy
Category_ID The numeric ID represent the category for your item. For CSV import, you can only assign items to the top category layer.
Please check the CategoryIDs listed here.
Required 320
CatchPhrase The fact about your item that shall bring the interest of buyers. Optional Cute and cheap piggie.
Description Description of your item. Required Small cute pig toy, can be used as a pillow.
Buy Now Price / Starting Bid Price The prices for item to buy on the spot or starting the auction from. Required one of the two fields 32
Postage The method for shipping your item, pick from the following 3 options:

1. Fixed Price (Shipping Cost)
2. Free shipping
3. Self Pick Up

Required Fixed Price 24
Free shipping
Self Pick Up
Condition The current condition of your item, by default it's 'Good Condition' Optional Good condition
Quantity The number of item that you want to list. Required 10
ImageURL This field should contain the full URL image link for your item (e.g.,
Every item row need at least one image field, you can add up to 6 image field as necessary.

Example CSV file:

The CSV file content should have the following format:

Pig Toy, Category_ID, Cute and cheap piggie., Small cute pig toy, can be used as pillow., 20, 5, Fixed Price 5, Brand New, 10,
LCD TV, Category_ID,, New Samsung TV for sale, 1500, 600, Self Pick Up,, 5,,