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Safe buying advice
Listed below are some guidelines for safe buying. Combined with your common sense, they will help keep you safe.

Know your seller
Review the member's selling feedback.
Click their feedback rating, then the 'selling' tab. This shows other items they've sold recently and comments from previous buyers.

Know what you're buying
Carefully read the item description and answers to questions.
Before you bid you need to know exactly what is being auctioned - including any free accessories, the age and condition of item and even why it's being sold. Poor English may indicate that the seller is overseas or that you may struggle to understand each other.
Ask your own questions and ensure the seller answers them. Lots of unanswered questions are a danger sign.
Be very careful of sellers who bypass the auction process.
Please be warning that transactions conducted outside of Twizla will bear a risk of no resolve if they go wrong.
Beware of fake or pirated goods
Counterfeit items, such as handbags, jewellery and clothing, or unauthorised items such as copies of software, games, music or movies, are illegal and not permitted on Twizla. If you see a listing that looks suspicious, please report it.
What to look for:

* If the price of an item seems too good to be true, it probably is. Especially with popular brands.
* Check the photos on the listing - does it look as it should? Does the packaging look right? Compare the details with products on the brand's own website.
* Check the seller's reputation and feedback rating

Check the postage costs. Postage typically costs extra and will vary greatly based on the item and your distance from the seller. Make sure you understand the postage costs before bidding. If the seller will let you pick up, we suggest you do.

Pay wisely
Only pay with our specified payment services. Never pay for goods with Western Union, MoneyGram or instant cash transfers as they cannot be traced.
Keep all payment details and emails exchanged with the seller.
These details will help us locate the seller if things go wrong.

If something does go wrong...
Most problems are the result of either poor communication or differing expectations between the buyer and the seller. Stay in contact with the seller and ensure you understand when to expect delivery. Sellers will typically wait for payment to clear before shipping goods, which can take a couple of days or longer on weekends and bank holidays. Delivery itself can reasonably take another 2-4 business days meaning a possibility of seven days or more between paying and receiving goods. Frequently buyers and sellers may not be receiving one another's emails due to spam filters or email filtering. Check your junk or bulk email folders. More on spam filters. If you have paid and the seller isn't responding to your emails, place a neutral or negative feedback on the seller saying so. This should prompt them into action and serves to warn other buyers. If you still can't contact the seller after several days, or think you are the victim of fraud, please contact us immediately. The vast majority of problems reported to us resolve themselves through good communication and patience. So be patient, use your common sense, and happy trading.